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Kate Davies Designs

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Kate Davies' neuestes Buch versammelt Essays und Fotos, die die Landschaft und Geschichte der schottischen Insel Davaar feiern, und lässt sich von der Gegend zu 10 maritimen Designs inspirieren.

Das schreiben Kate und ihr Mann Tom Barr selbst über das Buch:

"Like many other artists, makers and writers, Kate Davies and Tom Barr have been inspired by Davaar, the spectacular tidal island whose rocky silhouette defines the Campbeltown coastline.  Kate began by creating a new collection of garments and accessories and, alongside this balanced and varied range of Scottish knitwear, Kate and Tom tell the story of Davaar in words and pictures exploring the shifting relationship of land and water, the island’s distinctive and immediately recognisable built structures, its interesting wartime experience, and the controversial painting and preservation of what is now its most famous feature. With Tom’s beautiful photography celebrating the landscape of south Kintyre, this is a book to be inspired by, and to think with, as well as to knit from."